Who IS Joe Inoue?

Joe Inoue is a Japanese American musician who was born and raised in California. He first gained attention from singing the song for Naruto Shippuden OP4, "CLOSER".  

What does he do?

-Joe writes, performs, records and mixes all his songs.

-He plays the guitar, bass, drums, piano and the ukulele.

-Directs, films and edits his own videos.

What languages

does he speak?

Joe is fluent in:



Fluent enough to survive in:


-Mandarin Chinese


Studying/want to study:

Every language that my fans speak LOL

More facts about him?

-Joe learned advanced Japanese from manga and anime

- He has many Youtube channels to interact with his fans around the world

-He streams live frequently on Youtube and Instagram to interact with his fans

Joe's Works (Selected)

-Naruto Shippuden OP4 "CLOSER"


-Naruto Shippuden ED 32 "Spinning World"

Music/Lyrics/Music Video Direction&Editing

-Gintama "風のごとく" (Kaze No Gotoku)


-関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani 8) "レスキューレスキュー” (Rescue Rescue)


-私立恵比寿中学 Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku "CHAN-CHARA-CHAN"


-Ex-Radio DJ at J-WAVE "Surf and Caravan"

Frequently Asked To Death Questions:

-How old are you? 

My birthday is August 30, 1985

-Your favorite anime?


-Favorite color:

Don't really have one but let's just say sky blue

-Favorite food?

Naples style pizza, I guess.

-Favorite movies?

American beauty, Amercian History X, Wolf of Wallstreet, Big Fish

-Is Wikipedia accurate with your info?

Only believe the things you read here. You can also ask me on live streams. They should allow me to have control over my page on Wiki because I AM him you know LOL

-Favorite game?

Final Fantasy 7

-Favorite artists?

The Beatles/Nirvana 

-Favorite instrument?


© 2017 Joe Inoue All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Joe Inoue All Rights Reserved.